Photography has been a part of me since childhood.  My passion is inherited from my father's desire to document our changing lives. Starting from Bahrain, to Karachi onto Halifax, Canada and now the US.

In 2005, I married my soulmate and we began our journey together. 
As time went by and I travelled from city to city, my camera followed.
After a realization that photography fit my life of constant changing landscapes and people......I took the next step.
I returned to school and graduated from New England School of Photography in 2010.
I now am a Wedding, Portrait and Fashion photographer serving the IN, IL, OH and KY areas. As a Pakistani-American I have a great understanding of both East and West cultures and bring this vision to my photography. As a photographer my style is traditional, candid and photojournalistic.

As I follow my destiny, I hope to encounter many faces and families that make us all beautiful and unique.